Thursday, November 10, 2016

CRYSTAL LAKE Release The Video "Omega"

Japanese progressive-metalcore band, Crystal Lake, released a new video 'Omega' following the release of fourth full-length album, "True North," via Artery Recordings in North America on December 2nd. For die-hard metalcore fans, this is the album that you may want to check out. 

Vocalist Ryo Kinoshita stated: "Before we started writing this album, we all knew this record would define who we are, where we stand and where we are heading. No matter how things around us change, we are who we are and we've always headed the same direction and it never changes. As I have written in the lyrics of 'True North,' this record shows how we live and how we die.”

Check out the Omega video below:

CRISTAL LAKE Band Information:
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Genres: Metalcore, Melodic hardcore
Years active: 2002–present
Labels: CUBE Records, Artery Recordings, JPU Records

Current members
-Yudai Miyamoto – guitar (2002–present)
-Shinya Hori – guitar (2002–present)
-Ryo Kinoshita – vocals (2012–present)
-Gaku Taura – drums (2012–present)

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