Saturday, March 11, 2017

EVOCATION New Album "The Shadow Archetype" is Available for Streaming

The melodic death metal band from Sweden, EVOCATION, latest album "The Shadow Archetype" is now available for streaming. This is the fifth studio album following "Illusions of Grandeur" which was released four years ago under Metal Blade Records.

The Shadow Archetype was officially released on March 10, 2017. Recorded at three different studios. Backing vocals, mixing and mastering were done at Dugout Productions. Daniel Bergstrand handled the recording of backing vocals and mixing. George Nerantzis handled the mastering. Drums were recorded at Crehate Studios together with studio engineer Oscar Nilsson.

Album cover and layout was created by Xaay (BEHEMOTH, NILE), 

"The Shadow Archetype" tracklist:
1.  Into Ruins  (01:09)
2.  Condemned to the Grave  (03:15)
3.  Modus Operandi  (04:32)
4.  Children of Stone  (04:35)
5.  The Coroner  (03:55)
6.  The Shadow Archetype  (04:06)
7.  Blind Obedience  (01:48)
8.  Survival of the Sickest  (02:57)
9.  Sulphur and Blood  (03:46)
10.  Imperium Fall  (03:12)
11.  Dark Day Sunrise  (04:47)

Previously they also released "Children of Stone",

"Condemned to the Grave",

and "Coroner"

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