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Metallica Sing Pokémon Theme \m/ (Just for fun)

Metallica Sing Pokémon Theme \m/ (Just for fun) .. lol

Thursday, July 28, 2016

32 Years Ago, On July 27 1984, METALLICA Released the Great Album Ride The Lightning

32 Years Ago, On July 27 1984, METALLICA Released the Great Album Ride The Lightning

Ride the Lightning is the second studio album of American thrash metal band Metallica, released on July 27, 1984, by the independent label Megaforce Records. Produced by Metallica and Flemming Rasmussen. Recorded between February 20 – March 14, 1984 at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. This Thrash metal genre album has length: 47:23

Track listing:
All lyrics written by James Hetfield, except "Creeping Death" by Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. 
1. "Fight Fire with Fire"  by Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton 4:45
2. "Ride the Lightning"  by Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Dave Mustaine 6:36
3. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton 5:09
4. "Fade to Black"  by Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett 6:57
5. "Trapped Under Ice" by Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett 4:04
6. "Escape"  by Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett 4:23
7. "Creeping Death" by Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett 6:36
8. "The Call of Ktulu" (instrumental) by  Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Mustaine

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pokemon Go Death Metal by Verted.Net

Do you think a Metalhead can be a Gamer too? Well, these guys maybe :) 
Check this one out

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Groovy Sound of KORN New Video "Rotting In Vain" Will Surely Make You Want to Bang Your Head

To all groove metal lover, enjoy the new video of KORN 'Rotting in Vain' and get ready to bang your head. Korn's official video for 'Rotting In Vain' off of their upcoming album The Serenity Of Suffering - available October 21st on Roadrunner Records. The video was directed Dean Karr

Stream 'Rotting In Vain' on Spotify:

Connect with Korn on:

KORN are
Jonathan Davis – lead vocals, keyboards, programming
James "Munky" Shaffer – guitars
Brian "Head" Welch – guitars
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu – bass
Ray Luzier – drums
Additional musicians
Corey Taylor – guest vocals on "A Different World"

Download the MP3 of Rotting in Vain or preorder the album here

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Monday, July 25, 2016

On This Day 33 Years Ago METALLICA Release Their Debut Album "Kill 'Em All"

Kill 'Em All is the debut studio album by the American thrash metal band Metallica, released on July 25, 1983, by the independent label Megaforce Records. Kill 'Em All is considered as a groundbreaking album for thrash metal because it's new wave and combination of british heavy metal riffs with hardcore punk tempos. Its musical approach and lyrics were markedly different from rock's mainstream of the early Eighties and inspired a number of bands who followed in similar pattern. 

When Elektra reissued the album in 1988, Kill 'Em All was certified 3× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 1999 for shipping three million copies in the United States. The album generated two singles: "Whiplash" and "Jump in the Fire" and was critically praised at the time of its release and was placed on a few publications' best album lists. 

The album was recorded in May with producer Paul Curcio at the Music America Studios in Rochester, New York. It was originally intended to be titled Metal Up Your Ass, with cover art featuring a hand clutching a dagger emerging from a toilet bowl. The band was asked to change the name because distributors feared releasing an album with such an offensive title and artwork would diminish its chances of commercial success. Metallica promoted the album on the two-month co-headlining Kill 'Em All for One tour with Raven in the United States. Although the initial shipment was 15,000 copies in the US, the album sold 60,000 copies worldwide by the end of Metallica's Seven Dates of Hell European tour in 1984.

Kill 'Em All is the album that featured Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) as the lead guitar before finally fired after a gig in New York because of his drug and alcohol problems, overly aggressive behavior, and clashes with bandmates. Later on, Metallica recruited Kirk Hammett, who played in Exodus and was a one-time student of Joe Satriani.

Track listing
1. "Hit the Lights"
2. "The Four Horsemen"
3. "Motorbreath"
4. "Jump in the Fire"
5. "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth" (instrumental)
6. "Whiplash"
7. "Phantom Lord"
8. "No Remorse"
9. "Seek & Destroy"
10. "Metal Militia"

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DEVILDRIVER Premiere Video 'My Night Sky'

"My Night Sky" is the new video from California's groove metal DEVILDRIVER. Directed by Shan Dan ( with set production by Jon Cook

The track is taken from the band's seventh studio album, "Trust No One", on May 13 via Napalm Records following to 2013's "Winter Kills". The album produced by Mark Lewis (ARSIS, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, DEICIDE, SIX FEET UNDER) with assistance from Jason Suecof (AUGUST BURNS RED, DEICIDE, DEATH ANGEL). The new CD marks the group's first release since the departures of guitarist Jeff Kendrick and drummer John Boecklin and addition of axeman Neal Tiemann and former CHIMAIRA sticksman Austin D'Amond.

DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara recently told Full Metal Jackie about the "Trust No One" album title: "I raised my children with a huge sticker on the refrigerator for a long time saying 'Question Authority.' And 'Trust No One' is basically along [those] lines. I don't think that 'Question Authority' would have worked for a title. But you've gotta really watch people, and you've gotta watch 'em before you bring 'em into your circle, and after you do bring them into your circle, then you've gotta watch 'em even closer. And as they exit, you'll realize that a lot of the times you bring in people, and as they exit, they are not, or were not, what they said they were the whole time they were in your life."

He continued: "I'm a very private person and my circle is very small. I have had some monumental fallouts over the years with some people, both personal and in business. And, basically, because you come to a realization where positivity is more important than anything in your life. And if someone is bringing you negativity, bringing you down, not having a good time with you or around whatever you are doing, you know, it's time to vacate the situation. 'Cause I am a glass-half-full guy; I'm always pretty positive, and I'm always willing to have a really good time. So, in the last couple years, that's been what's going on with me. I've been, 'Look, are you positive in my life? Okay, cool. Come around more. If you are not, I may lose your phone number.'"

DEVILDRIVER recently tapped former WAYNE STATIC guitarist Diego Ibarra (a.k.a. Ashes) to play bass on its upcoming tour, which kicks off at the end of next month. Ibarra joins DEVILDRIVER as the replacement for former BURY YOUR DEAD guitarist Chris Towning, who appeared on the Dez Fafara-fronted band's 2013 album "Winter Kills".

Check out the video below

Or Download the MP3: Trust No One

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

On This Day, 26 Years Ago, PANTERA Released Cowboys From Hell

On this day, 26 years ago, PANTERA released their 5th studio album Cowboy From Hell via Atco Records.

Recorded in 1989 at Pantego Sound Studio in Pantego, Texas, the album has been considered by most critics as one of the most influential albums in the metal scene in the 1990s and of all time, and would inspire a generation of musicians, particularly guitarists. 

Critical Reception:
IGN says:
"Along with Vulgar Display of Power, Pantera's fifth album is not only considered one of the band's best, but is also one of the defining albums of early '90s metal. The band's chemistry really begins to gel with collective symmetry here, as a pre-Dimebag Darrell (he was known as Diamond Darrell back then) rips the strings of his axe like a rabid weasel, frontman Phil Anselmo following in kind with chaotic vocal utterances, and the rhythm section of Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown keeping the rhythms in check and the whole mess glued together with low end prowess."

AllMusic says about the album:
"Pantera's breakthrough album, Cowboys from Hell, is largely driven by the band's powerful rhythm section and guitarist Diamond Darrell(s) unbelievably forceful riffing, which skittered around the downbeats to produce unexpected rhythmic phrases and accents, as well as his inventive soloing."

Band formation at that time
  • Phil Anselmo – lead vocals
  • Dimebag Darrell – guitar, backing vocals
  • Rex – bass, acoustic guitar, piano (5)
  • Vinnie Paul – drums
Album track listing
All songs written and composed by Pantera.
1. "Cowboys from Hell"
2. "Primal Concrete Sledge"
3. "Psycho Holiday"
4. "Heresy"
5. "Cemetery Gates"
6. "Domination"
7. "Shattered"
8. "Clash with Reality"
9. "Medicine Man"
10 ."Message in Blood"
11. "The Sleep"
12. "The Art of Shredding"

Get the album
MP3 Download Cowboys From Hell
Vinyl: Pantera: 180g Vinyl LP Album Pack (Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display Of Power) and Pantera: Cowboys From Hell (180g) Vinyl 2LP

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Happy Birthday Saul Hudson a.k.a SLASH. July 23rd 1965, The Guitar Legend Was Born!

July 23rd 1965 Legendary guitarist SLASH was born

Background information
Birth name: Saul Hudson
Born: July 23, 1965 (age 51), Hampstead, London, England, UK
Origin: Los Angeles, California, US
Genres: Heavy metal, hard rock, blues rock
Occupation(s): Musician, Guitarist, songwriter, record producer, film producer
Instruments: Guitar
Years active: 1981–present
Labels: Dik Hayd, Eagle Rock Entertainment, EMI, Geffen, Koch, RCA, Roadrunner, Sony, Universal, UZI Suicide
Associated acts: Guns N' Roses, Hollywood Rose, Slash's Blues Ball, Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, Michael Jackson, Myles Kennedy, Ian Astbury, Billy Gibbons, Lemmy

Thursday, July 21, 2016

On This Day, 21 July 1987, GUNS N' ROSES Released The Album "Appetite for Destruction"

On This Day, 21 July 1987, GUNS N' ROSES Released The Album "Appetite for Destruction"

Appetite for Destruction is a successful debut studio album by American hard rock/glam metal band Guns N' Roses released on 21 July 1987 by Geffen Records. It topped the Billboard 200 and became the best-selling debut album as well as the 11th best-selling album in the United States. Sold over 30 million copies worldwide, it is also one of the best-selling records ever. Appetite for Destruction has since received retrospective acclaim and been viewed as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Album Information:
Released: July 21, 1987
Recorded: March–April 1987
Studio: Rumbo Studios, Canoga Park, CA; Take One Studio, Burbank, CA; The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA and Can Am Studio, Tarzana, CA
Genre: Hard rock, heavy metal, hair metal, Glam Metal
Length: 53:51
Label: Geffen
Producer: Mike Clink

Track listing
1. "Welcome to the Jungle"
2. "It's So Easy" 
3. "Nightrain" 
4. "Out ta Get Me"
5. "Mr. Brownstone" 
6. "Paradise City"
7. "My Michelle"
8. "Think About You"
9. "Sweet Child o' Mine"
10. "You're Crazy"
11. "Anything Goes"
12. "Rocket Queen"  

Purchase/download MP3 album of Guns N' Roses
Appetite For Destruction Greatest Hits The Spaghetti Incident?
Use Your Illusion I Use Your Illusion II Lies

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On This Day, 21 July 1987, DIO Released The Album "Dream Evil"

On This Day, 21 July 1987, DIO Release The Album "Dream Evil" 

Dream Evil is the fourth studio album released by the American heavy metal band Dio on July 21, 1987. It features former Rough Cutt members Craig Goldy and Claude Schnell. Dream Evil was Dio's last album to feature Murray on the cover and also the last to feature drummer Vinny Appice until the 1993 album Strange Highways. Additionally, it was also the last album to feature bassist Jimmy Bain until the release of 2000's Magica.

Additional info:
Recorded  by Village Recorder, Los Angeles, California
Genre: Heavy metal
Length: 43:20
Label: Warner Bros. (North America), Vertigo (rest of the world)
Producer: Ronnie James Dio

Track Listing:
Side one
1. "Night People"
2. "Dream Evil"
3. "Sunset Superman"
4. "All the Fools Sailed Away"

Side two
5. "Naked in the Rain"
6. "Overlove"
7. "I Could Have Been a Dreamer"
8. "Faces in the Window"
9. "When a Woman Cries"

Singles from Dream Evil:
  • "I Could Have Been a Dreamer" / "Overlove" Released: July 1987 (US)
  • "All the Fools Sailed Away" / "Overlove" Released: July 1987 (Europe)
  • "I Could Have Been a Dreamer" / "Night People" Released: October 1987 (Europe)

Purchase / download the MP3 album here

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VICIOUS RUMORS Premiere "Take It Or Leave It" Video

Anticipating the release of their new studio album, "Concussion Protocol", the heavy metal band from Santa Rosa, California, VICIOUS RUMORS released the official video  "Take It Or Leave It".

Vicious Rumors’ 12th studio album, Concussion Protocol, is due out via SPV/Steamhammer on August 26th as a digipak version (incl. poster), 2LP gatefold red vinyl edition and download.

"Concussion Protocol" was produced by Geoff Thorpe and longtime co-producer and engineer Juan Urteaga at Trident studios (MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, HEATHEN, EXODUS, DRAGONLORD) in Pacheco, California. Guest solos by VICIOUS RUMORS brothers from the band's rich history, Brad Gillis (NIGHT RANGER, OZZY OSBOURNE) and Steve Smyth (NEVERMORE, TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN) only add to the madness.

The fully re-vitalized band now features newcomer Nick Holleman on vocals, Tilen Hudrap on bass and Thaen Rasmussen on guitar ... alongside veteran guitarist Geoff Thorpe and drummer Larry Howe. Guest solos on Concussion Protocol by VR brothers from the band`s rich history, Brad Gillis (Nightranger, Ozzy Osbourne) and Steve Smyth (One Machine, Nevermore, Testament, Forbidden, VR 1995-1999) only add to the madness.

Geoff Thorpe states: "The album is relentless and crushing in true, classic VR style but with many twists and turns. Believe me, you're in for a treat, VRazors! If you've ever been a fan of VR, Sabbath, Priest or Maiden and a little bay area style thrash thrown in for good measure, then this album is definitely for you!!Everything you love about VR is present throughout the whole album!"

"Concussion Protocol" track listing:
01. Concussion Protocol (4:56)
02. Chemical Slaves (5:50)
03. Victims Of A Digital World (4:13)
04. Chasing The Priest (4:13)
05. Last Of Our Kind (3:56)
06. 1000 Years (3:39)
07. Circle Of Secrets (5:04)
08. Take It Or Leave It (3:23)
09. Bastards (4:40)
10. Every Blessing Is A Curse (4:14)
11. Life For A Life (6:11)

Get the album here..

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Metal Quote: "The lies that never learned. The needles in my heart. And things will never changed. So, everytime I sing, I'm killing pain." - Rob Halford

"The lies that never learned. The needles in my heart. And things will never changed. So, everytime I sing, I'm killing pain." - Rob Halford of Judas Priest

#JudasPriest #RobHalford #MetalQuote #Quote

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MEGADETH Release The Official Video "Post American World"

Megadeth have released a new music video for their single "Post American World."

Mustaine told the Houston Press that he considered "Post American World" to be a spiritual (and riff-wise) follow-up to MEGADETH's popular track "Symphony Of Destruction". He also said: “Post American World was an eerie video shoot right from the beginning. Shot in just one day with only our guitars and drums, I knew that this was going to be amazing. There’s something to be said about the simplicity of an artist and only his guitar or drums. This is a less-is-more concept, and director Jake Macpherson nailed it.”

"Dystopia" shifted 49,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending January 28. In terms of pure album sales, "Dystopia" opened with 48,000 copies, marking MEGADETH's highest-charting album since 1992's "Countdown To Extinction" debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the chart dated August 1 of that year. "Dystopia" also logged the group's best sales week since 2007, when "United Abominations" landed at No. 8 with first-week sales of 54,000.

Megadeth confirmed their North American tour dates with Havok, Metal Church, Amon Amarth, and, Suicidal Tendencies. There will be 18-show run starting from September 20, with tickets on sale on July 22 (Friday). 

The video features what is likely Chris Adler's last appearance with the band, as just last week Megadeth confirmed their new permanent drummer will be Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of Soilwork. Meanwhile, Verbeuren’s former band Soilwork have wished him well with his new position. Vocalist Bjorn ’Speed’ Strid says: “Together we have created a beast of a band. I strongly believe this is very much a new era for us – and that we still have so much left to say.”

Purchase/Download MP3 album Megadeth - Dystopia

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BABYMETAL Perform with Metal God Rob Halford at the Alternative Press Music Awards

Rob Halford of Judas Priest joined Babymetal on live performance at the 2016 Alternative Press Awards. The ceremony was held at the Columbus' Schottenstein Center in Ohio on Monday night. 

Babymetal's Su-Metal says: "Honestly, I am still at a loss of what to feel. But to be able to perform together with the Metal God, I am in disbelief."

Halford adds: "It's really cool to hear and watch such a strong young Japanese metal band make solid growth in the world with such unique conviction and invite me to headbang along with them for this special appearance. Further proof of the continuing power exchange from the roots of metal into the future metalsphere."

Babymetal performing Karate before Halford joined for Judas Priest tracks Painkiller and Breaking The Law. Check out the video below:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dirk Verbeuren of SOILWORK is the New MEGADETH Drummer

Dirk Verbeuren, former drummer of Swedish melodic death metal band SOILWORK has been announced as the MEGADETH new drummer. 

Verbeuren, has been performing with the band for months, his first show was Rock on the Range festival in May, to a crowd of 40,000 concertgoers.

Verbeuren was with SOILWORK between early 2004 and July 2016. Recorded five full-length albums before finally replaced Chris Adler as the permanet drummer of MEGADETH.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine said “Chris Adler‘s contributions are sure to be felt for years to come. MEGADETH has been revitalized by Chris‘ playing, as well as his excellent suggestion of Dirk Verbeuren to drum with us. Tremendous thanks to Chris, and a big welcome to Dirk.”

New drummer Verbeuren had this to say: “Dave, David and Kiko, I’m thankful for your warm welcome and thrilled at the opportunity to perform and create badass music with you guys. Chris Adler, thank you for introducing me to MEGADETH – and for your encouragement and support.”

Said Adler: “It has been an honor and a pleasure to join my favorite band of all time, and to be a part of their return to the top. I had an amazing time with everyone involved, from the writing, arranging and recording, to the touring and friendships built along the way. There was no argument or drama, no hidden story. MEGADETH needs and deserves a full time drummer, and as much as I’d like to be, I can’t be in two places at once. For my part, I am very lucky to be a part of LAMB OF GOD, and to also have gotten a chance to dance with my heroes at the ball. I still can’t believe it sometimes when I think of myself as a kid, opening up my MEGADETH albums…and now I’m an alumni! I’m very proud of that – and I will continue to be their biggest fan.”

Verbeuren is endorsed by Tama drums and sticks, Meinl cymbals, Evans drumheads, Toontrack software, dB drumshoes and Alien Ears in-ear monitors. 

Check out Dirk Verbeuren drum cam throwing Megadeth classic "Hangar 18" Live Netherlands 14th June 2016

Purchase/Download MP3 album Megadeth - Dystopia

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Happy 35th Anniversary ANTHRAX

Happy Anniversary ANTHRAX. On July 18th 1981 ANTHRAX was formed in New York city.

Anthrax was formed in Queens, New York City, on July 18, 1981 by guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Lilker. The band was named after the disease of the same name which Ian saw in a biology textbook. The name was chosen because it sounded "sufficiently evil". Anthrax's initial line-up was completed by singer John Connelly, drummer Dave Weiss and bassist Paul Kahn. Kahn was briefly replaced by bassist Kenny Kushner before Lilker took over on bass and Greg Walls joined as lead guitarist. Weiss was then replaced early on by Greg D'Angelo, who was recommended to the band by Greg Walls. Scott Ian's younger brother Jason Rosenfeld was a temporary vocalist until Ian's former schoolmate Neil Turbin joined the band in late August 1982. The band recorded its first demo tape during this time. Charlie Benante (drums) later joined in 1983 followed by Frank Bello (bass) and Joey Belladonna (lead vocals) in 1984

Today, Antharx has 11 studio album with the current line up:
- Scott Ian – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (1981–present)
- Charlie Benante – drums, percussion, occasional lead guitar (1983–present)
- Frank Bello – bass guitar, backing vocals (1984–2004, 2005–present)
- Joey Belladonna – lead vocals (1984–1992, 2005–2007, 2010–present)
- Jonathan Donais – lead guitar, backing vocals (2013–present)

#NewYorkCity #HappyAnniversary #ThrashMetal #Anthrax

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

DESPISED ICON Release Official Video "Bad Vibes"

Montreal based deathcore band, DESPISED ICON just released "Bad Vibes" music video from the album "BEAST" out on July 22, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records. The video was directed by Jessy Fuchs

"We've often been vocal about the classic death metal bands that have influenced us throughout the years but have rarely discussed the grindcore and hardcore elements in our music," states vocalist Alex Erian. "Our new single 'Bad Vibes' is raw, straight forward and reminiscent of bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Biohazard, and Madball. The 90's were a defining decade for us and so we opted for that old school look when putting together this new music video. Beast comes out in a week. Get into it!"

The new album "Beast" was produced and engineered by former guitarist Yannick St-Amand (Beneath The Massacre, Neuraxis) and mixed/mastered by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth, Nevermore). Artwork was created by Alexandre Goulet.



Purchase the album here and download the MP3 album Beast

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

SABATON Premiere Official Lyric Video "Blood of Bannockburn"

Another official lyric video "Blood of Bannockburn" was released by the power metal band from Falun, Sweden, SABATON. It is part of their upcoming 8th studio album which will be released on August 19th 2016 via Nuclear Blast

The song is about a battle in 1314, between Scotland and England 9 years after the execution of William Wallace. What's next, you must find out by yourself in the video.

On June 10 2016, They have already released the offcial lyric video 'The Lost Batallion'.

Watch the epic lyric video "Blood of Bannockburn""

Also watch the official lyric video 'The Lost Battalion'

Purchase/download MP3 album SABATON - "The Last Stand"

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