Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy Release The Official Video "Old School"

Comedian and heavy metal diehard Jim Breuer with his band the Loud & Rowdy released the official video "Old School". This song is the part of Jim's album ‘Songs From the Garage’ which was released on May 27.

This video is directed by David Brodsky for MyGoodEye ( and produced by Allison Woest and Jim Breuer.

“I wrote this album as if I was in the audience,” Breuer tells Rolling Stone. “I like old-school, riff-driven, hard rock music with big hooks! I feel this album is exactly that!”

Jim Breuer, ‘Songs From the Garage’ Track Listing
  1. “Thrash”
  2. “Raising Teenage Girls”
  3. “Old School”
  4. “Be a Dick 2Nite”
  5. “My Rock n Roll Dream”(featuring Brian Johnson)
  6. “Mr. Rock n Roll” (featuring Brian Johnson)
  7. “Who’s Better Than Us?!”
  8. “Family Warrior”
  9. “Sugar Rush”
  10. “Wannabe”
  11. “The Unexplained”
  • Jim Breuer
  • Metal Mike Chlasciak
  • Mike Tichy
  • Joe Vigliotti
  • Eric See

Check out the video below:

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Purchase/download the MP3 album Songs From the Garage

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