Friday, June 3, 2016

HELLYEAH Cover Phil Collins "I Don't Care Anymore" Featuring PANTERA's Dimebag Darrel.

Hellyeah released the cover of Phil Collins’ “I Don’t Care Anymore” featuring the drummer Vinnie Paul's late brother and Pantera legend Dimebag Darrell on guitar.

The track, “I Don’t Care Anymore” appears on Hellyeah’s newest album, Unden!able. The idea of adding a cover to Unden!able came from the guitarist Christian Brady suggested the Phil Collins cut after Hellyeah finished basic tracking for the record. Not knowing he and his late brother Dimebag Darrell, both of legendary metal band Pantera, recorded the track around 10 years ago with their band Damageplan. The version went unused. When Kevin Churko, the producer, got the tracks isolated, he synched them up, and when we listened them it totally gave me goosebumps,” 

Paul tells Rolling Stone. "When Kevin (Churko, producer) got the tracks isolated, he synched them up, and when we listened them it totally gave me goosebumps. We felt like his energy and his spirit was always with us. And for people to be able to hear him again in 2016 puts a big smile on my face.”. Hellyeah vocalist Chad Gray adds “It was like Dime was in an iso-booth tracking in the next room while I was singing my parts. Tracking that song was one of the most magical moments I’ve felt in my entire career.”

Check out Hellyeah’s cover of “I Don’t Care Anymore” below! Hellyeah’s Unden!able is officially released today, June 3, 2016.

Band information
Origin: Dallas, Texas, United States
Genres: Groove metal, heavy metal
Years active: 2006–present
Labels: Eleven Seven MusicEpic
Associated acts: Pantera, Damageplan, Mudvayne, Nothingface, Knives Out! The Deadlights, Buckcherry

  • Chad Gray – vocals (2006–present)
  • Tom Maxwell – guitar (2006–present)
  • Vinnie Paul – drums (2006–present)
  • Kyle Sanders – bass guitar (2014–present)
  • Christian Brady – guitar (2014–present)

    • Purchase/download MP3 Hellyeah album Unden!able
      1. !
      2. X
      3. Scratch A Lie
      4. Be Unden!able
      5. Human
      6. Leap Of Faith
      7. Blood Plague
      8. I Don’t Care Anymore
      9. Live Or Die
      10. Love Falls
      11. 10-34
      12. Startariot Grave

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