Tuesday, June 14, 2016

REVOCATION Release Lyric Video "Monolithic Ignorance"

The Technical Death/Thrash Metal from Boston, Massachusetts, US., REVOCATION, just release a lyric video "Monolithic Ignorance". Directed/animated by Nick Hipa.
This song is from their latest album "Great is our Sin" which will be released on 22 July 2016

"Monolithic Ignorance"
(Music: Gargiulo)

A doomsday declaration the signs we cannot ignore
The oceans start to boil the dead wash up on our shores
Rivers flow with toxins sickening all in their wake
Swallowing the poison, savor its virulent taste

Foolishly we followed our rulers into the abyss
Critical mass no turning back we’ve fallen over the precipice

Monolithic ignorance
Devoid of intelligence
Devolved comprehension
Reversed progression

Extinction rates growing mankind a pestilent blight
Cancerous, the disease spreads devouring all life
The earth a barren wasteland, sulfurous smoke blacks out the skies
A dead planet now expires before our dying eyes

(Solo: Davidson)

Those who sought to rule this realm have only meddled with it
The error of their foolish schemes have brought about our ruin

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