Friday, July 1, 2016

REVOCATION New Lyric Video "Crumbling Imperium"

Revocation's "Crumbling Imperium" from "Great is Our Sin". Directed/animated by Nick Hipa.

"Crumbling Imperium"
(Music: Davidson)

Dominion spread to thin
Leaders becoming madmen
Means to an end
Pendulum swings again

A certainty
One day what is will not be
A world of entropy
Unraveling society

Trepidation fractures the core
Violent upheaval on the brink of a civl war

Crumbling imperium
All Empires fall in time
Crumbling imperium
Advent of our demise

Castles of sand
Scattered to the wind
Empty hourglass
A new age to begin
Foolhardy kings
Drunk with power
Fallen republic
Spiraling downwards

(Solo: Gargiulo)
(Solo: Davidson)

Civilization in ruins
A world left smoldering
Havoc and terror afflicting all
Downward we spiral, bedlam ensues
Flames growing higher
Witness the empires fall

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