Thursday, December 22, 2016

OVERKILL - "Mean, Green, Killing Machine". The New Official Lyric Video

The thrash metal legend OVERKILL released another lyric video "Mean, Green, Killing Machine". This track is taken from their upcoming album "The Grinding Wheel", Out February, 10 2017. via eOne Music (North America) and Nuclear Blast (Europe).

Vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth about the album's style: "At the end of the day Overkill is Overkill. Our trademark is that we are always recognizable on every release. For the three decades we have been around we were always Overkill. So sure it is a metal record and like always it will have sort of a thrash vibe to it with some melody in it. It's always best to try to make it better or at least think in your mind that it is going to be better. That becomes the challenge. I think that is what keeps the band rolling. A lot of bands are known for what they have done, but I feel being known for where you are and what you are doing is where true value lies. I feel we accomplished that on the last few albums."

Track listing
1. "Mean Green Killing Machine"
2. "Goddamn Trouble"
3. "Our Finest Hour"
4. "Shine On"
5. "The Long Road"
6. "Let's All Go to Hades"
7. "Come Heavy"
8. "Red White and Blue"
9. "The Wheel"
10. "The Grinding Wheel"

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