Saturday, May 14, 2016

DESTRUCTION "Under Attack" Album Review Compilation

German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION release their 14th studio album, "Under Attack", on May 13 via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork for the CD was created by acclaimed artist Gyula from Hungary, who has previously worked with ANNIHLATOR, GRAVE DIGGER, STRATOVARIUS and TANKARD, among others.

Track list and total runtime
1. Under Attack (6:13)
2. Generation Nevermore (4:04)
3. Dethroned (4:50)
4. Getting Used to the Evil (6:08)
5. Pathogenic (4:27)
6. Elegant Pigs (3:40)
7. Second to None (5:11)
8. Stand up for What You Deliver (4:20)
9. Conductor of the Void (4:33)
10. Stigmatized (4:12)
11. Black Metal (feat. Alex Camargo) (3:14)
12. Thrash Attack (2:58)

Here are the compilations of  the short reviews

Nuclear Blast magazine:
"With "UNDER ATTACK", Destruction created their own ''Painkiller'' .... this is their best album so far and exactly what Teutonic thrash is meant to be!" 
Luca Bosio (Rock Hard Italy) 10/10
"It concludes, as if there was any doubt, that “pureness is the key”. And in so doing, hits the studded nail right into the leather belt, because its doubtful there will be a better or more pure thrash expedition anywhere else this year. Absolutely, relentlessly brilliant." 9/10
"Under Attack is a definite continuation of Destruction’s history of solid album releases"
"Chalk it up to thrash fatigue and/or the jaded cynicism that comes metal reviewing, but it’s enjoyable enough and as Germanic thrash goes, it’s a worthy spin for committed thrashers"
"Thrash as a genre celebrates the old. With Under Attack the onslaught is unrelenting right up until the final notes of “Stigmatized” the band never let up. Fans of the genre will no doubt lap up Destruction’s latest offering, crafting a rock solid album the band re-emerge triumphant adressing current world problems with a vintage spin Under Attack is an album that condemns technology and like its sound goes back to basics."
"Only a Destruction album can be catchy yet rapid. The melody and groove is just more fuel added to this flame. This is why Under Attack will overpower other albums released this year. You won’t be able to help but submit to Destruction’s influence. Each song will stick with you so hard it will scar. Destruction is one of the biggest influences on thrash for a reason"
"Under Attack’ is a worthwhile listen for fans of thrash metal. While not a perfect record, the album is an amazing effort that contains more pros than cons with enough thrash credibility to hold your listening attention. If you like loud, fast, heavy and unrelenting metal, be sure to check this album out."

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