Monday, May 2, 2016

Know Your Favorite Metal Band Logos

SHARP 'N' POINTY Identifying features A delicate balance of lightning bolts and switchblades. What it says about the band: Might be overcompensating for something.

ARTERIAL Identifying features The blood spatter shouldn't overwhelm, simply accentuate. What it says about the band: Hey, check out this dead animal. Let's poke it.

SATAN-FRIENDLY Identifying features The pentagram should be placed in a reverential location. What it says about the band: We're evil; but we also know the brand value of pre-established evilness. 

BASTARD GOTHIC Identifying features Menacing yet dignified, like an iron fence shrouded in ivy. What it says about the band: Bookshelves packed with leatherbound History of Ancient Warfare texts.

PRECISION GRAPHICS  Identifying features Clean lines and immaculate angles for easy-on-the-eyes impact. What it says about the band: Complete collection of every Star Trek series on VHS filed chronologically by year. 

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