Saturday, October 29, 2016

Metal Full Album Streaming: Serpentine Dominions - "Serpentine Dominions", Wovenwar - "Honor Is Dead", Anaal Nathrakh - "The Whole of the Law", Destrage - "A Means to No End"

Serpentine Dominion, Wovenwar, Anaal Nathrakh, and Destrage stream tehir latest albums via Metal Blade Records. This is one of the best way to review the albums before actually purchasing them. They are actually very good. Check it out all full albums in streaming below:

Serpentine Dominion - "Serpentine Dominion" 

"Serpentine Dominion" track listing:
01. Intro
02. The Vengeance In Me
03. Vanquished Unto Thee
04. Divide, Conquer, Burn, And Destroy
05. Sovereign Hate
06. On The Brink Of Devastation
07. Jagged Cross Legions
08. Prelude
09. This Endless War

Wovenwar - "Honor Is Dead"

"Honor Is Dead" Track listing
01. Confession
02. Censorship
03. Honor Is Dead
04. Lines in the Sand
05. World on Fire
06. Compass
07. Stones Thrown
08. Cascade
09. Silhouette
10. Bloodletter
11. 130

Anaal Nathrakh - "The Whole of the Law"

"The Whole of the Law" track listing
01. The Nameless Dread
02. Depravity Favours the Bold
03. Hold Your Children Close and Pray for Oblivion
04. We Will Fucking Kill You 
05. ...So We Can Die Happy 
06. In Flagrante Delicto 
07. And You Will Beg for Our Secrets
08. Extravaganza! 
09. On Being a Slave 
10. The Great Spectator 
11. Of Horror, And The Black Shawls
12. Powerslave (bonus track) 
13. Man at C&A (bonus track)

Destrage - "A Means to No End".

"A Means To No End" track-listing
01. A Means to No End
02. Don’t Stare at the Edge
03. Symphony of the Ego
04. Silent Consent
05. The Flight
06. Dreamers
07. Ending to a Means
08. Peacefully Lost
09. Not Everything Is Said
10. To Be Tolerated
11. Blah Blah
12. A Promise, a Debt
13. Abandon to Random

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