Friday, May 26, 2017

MUNICIPAL WASTE Launch "Slime and Punishment" in 360 Visualizer Official Video

MUNICIPAL WASTE launched "Slime and Punishment" in 360 Visualizer official video. The track is coming from the same title album on June 23 via Nuclear Blast Records. The video can be seen below

Previously they also released "Amateur Sketch"

"Slime And Punishment" track listing:
01. Breathe Grease
02. Enjoy The Night
03. Dingy Situations
04. Shrednecks
05. Poison The Preacher
06. Bourbon Discipline
07. Parole Violators
08. Slime And Punishment
09. Amateur Sketch
10. Excessive Celebration
11. Low Tolerance
12. Under The Waste Command
13. Death Proof
14. Think Fast

The cover artwork for the sixth album was created by the bands good friend, Andrei Bouzikov. This is the fourth cover he has created for them as he was responsible for the art for "Massive Aggressive", "The Art Of Partying" and the split with TOXIC HOLOCAUST, "Toxic Waste".

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